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This Free Sample includes the first three chapters you would go through in the Full Video Course, minus the introductory videos that help you set up the 40-weeks. Also included are the full chapter readings and first assignment page that goes with these videos. In the Full Video Course, students read one chapter per week, then watch the corresponding video, then work on their weekly prayer assignment

Module 1 Introduction and Overview Video

  1. Free Download – Module 1 Introduction – Full Document
  2. Free Download – Module 1 Assignment Overview – Full Document

Chapter 1 Video – Called to Go Deeper

  1. Free Download – Chapter 1 – Full Chapter
  2. Free Download – Discussion Guide – Full Document

Chapter 2 Video- Intentional Spiritual Living

  1. Free Download – Chapter 2 – Full Chapter
  2. Free Download – Spiritual Pursuits Assignment – Full Document
  3. Free Download – Discussion Guide – Full Document

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